Request a Quote

If you’re interested in hiring me to mix and master your music, please use the form below to tell me about your project, and I’ll get a quote back to you ASAP (usually within 1-2 business days).

Discounts are offered for multi-song projects! 10% off for 3-5 songs, 15% for 6-10 songs, and 20% for 11+ songs.
This will help me determine the base cost of your project.
This helps me determine whether or not I'll be a good fit for you as a mixing & mastering engineer!
I do not accept Logic/Cubase/Pro Tools/etc. session files. I need your tracks exported as individual files, with the start of each file aligned so they're synced up when I import them into my DAW.
In order to get the best mix possible, I require drums to be separated out onto individual tracks. A single stereo stem for drums typically leads to a muddy mix that cannot be fixed!
These services are offered for additional fees (see below).

Breakdown of My Rates

If you’d like to know exactly how I will come up with the cost for your project, you can see a breakdown of my rates here. Mixing & mastering is offered at the following rate:

$5 per isolated track, up to 5 minutes long ($50 per song minimum)
2 revisions included

Songs longer than 5 minutes are an additional $1 per isolated track per minute.

The following extra services can also be added (prices per song):

  • Vocal Tuning: $30
  • Vocal Comping/Editing: $30
  • Drum Pocketing/Editing: $45
  • Guitar Dry Signal Reamping: $25
  • Additional Revisions (beyond the included 2): $20 each

Discounts are offered on larger projects, as follows:

  • 3-5 songs: 10% discount
  • 6-10 songs: 15% discount
  • 11+ songs: 20% discount

So, some examples of project costs:

  • A 4 minute, 22 track song, with vocal tuning added: $140 (22 tracks x $5 per track, plus $30 for vocal tuning)
  • A 7 minute, 16 track song, with no extras added: $112 (16 tracks x $7 per track due to song length)
  • A 4 song EP, each song under 5 minutes, each song 24 tracks, no extras: $432 (24 tracks x $5 per track x 4 songs, with a 10% discount for being a 3-5 song project)

A note on drums: In order to assure a quality end product, make sure your drums if you have them) are separated out onto individual tracks (i.e. snare track, kick track, overheads, etc.). Having your drums combined on a single stereo stem (as many drum virtual instruments like to do by default, for example) generally leads to a muddy mix with no way to fix it. This is because the kick and bass fight each other, and the snare fights pretty much everything in the mix. The cymbals can often clash with consonants in the vocals and attacks in certain instruments as well. When the drums are separated out, I have lots of tools to deal with these clashes and give everything its own space. When the drums are all combined, however, my hands are tied. I’m stuck with however the drums were mixed before they got to me!