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If you’re looking to get your track mixed and mastered, you’ve come to the right place. With over a decade of experience, we can take your track to that next level, ready to show off to clients, agents, venues, and fans!

Don’t Settle for Templates and Presets!

Your song deserves a from-scratch, custom mix, without taking any shortcuts! We’ll mix your track from the ground up, using industry-standard plugins and over a decade of experience mixing in many different genres.

In the current music business landscape, anyone can release a track for very little investment. How do you stand out from the crowd in such an over-saturated market? It starts with a polished, professional product. If the person making the decision on whether or not to book your act hears a track that sounds thrown together and unprofessional, chances are they’ll assume the same applies to your entire act! Don’t take chances with subpar production—get a professional mix and master and put your best foot forward!

Why choose Tango Sound Studios?

We provide professional quality at an affordable price, with the convenience of working entirely via the internet. You’ll get multiple revisions included with your mix, so you can rest easy knowing that your mix is going to sound exactly the way you envision it. We take pride in delivering a mix and master the client will be excited to share with their listeners for a price that won’t break the bank!

What People Are Saying

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Recording Artist

Intuitive, prompt, and communicative. Joshua did a great job on my EP! I felt like the time in the studio was well spent and he seemed to intuitively know which direction the production needed to take for each song. He was always in touch with me about each step of the process and I'm very happy with the end result. Very professional and an all around great guy!

Steve McClain

Steve McClain

Recording Artist

I did my first recordings in the mid 1990s on 2-inch tape. Since then, I have recorded in world class studios with well-known engineers. Tango Sound Studios met and exceeded the quality of those projects. Josh and I have done an EP project and a single and both are stellar productions.

Will Padgett

Will Padgett

Recording Artist & Audio Engineer

Josh absolutely stands apart with his consistency of professionalism, creative intuition, tech knowledge, and communication skills. Knowing a bunch of engineering tricks is awesome, but having the wisdom of when to use them is what separates great producers from good ones.

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