Can you mix my full-length album/EP? Do you offer a discount for larger projects?

Yes! I am happy to give you a quote for a larger project like that, including milestones to break the project down into manageable phases! I generally offer a 10% discount for 3-5 songs, 15% for 6-10 songs, and 20% for 11+ songs.

I have all of my drums on one stem. Is that okay?

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get a good mix when the drums are all on one track (instead of separated out into individual tracks, i.e. snare track, kick track, etc.). If you have all of your drums on a single track, I require you to separate them out into individual tracks before I mix it.

Why do I need my drums separated out?

The short answer is this: it gives me more tools to work with. For example, if your drums are all on one track and you want me to turn the snare down, I can’t. If they’re separated, I can. I can also sidechain process the kick and snare to help clear up muddy mixes.

Should I keep the effects (like reverb) on the tracks I send you?

Unless the effect is a critical part of the tone, it’s better for me to have the dry tracks. When your track already has reverb or other effects on it, it significantly limits how I can shape the sound.

Will this master be ready for (insert digital service here)?

Absolutely! All of my masters are ready for iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Can you master for CD?

Yes, but be aware that CDs can be mastered a bit louder than one can safely master for digital services.

Can you master for vinyl?

Unfortunately, I do not have experience mastering for vinyl. If a vinyl master is important to you but you’d still like to work with me for the mix, I’d be happy to give you a quote for just the mix, and you can hire a different engineer for the master.