Can I give you a reference track?

Absolutely! If there’s a mix you particularly like the sound of, please feel free to pass that along to us so we can help you realize your vision for your song!

Do you mix (insert genre here)?

Most likely. We’ve mixed a wide variety of genres, including heavy metal, classic rock, folk, pop, jazz, and big band.

How long do your revisions take?

Typically 3 days at most.

Why not use a cheaper service?

You get what you pay for. A service charging just a few dollars to mix your track is just going to drop your stems into a template, maybe adjust a few knobs, and send it back. We believe that mixing requires a much more artistic touch.

Does the mix quality really make that much of a difference?

Absolutely! While the average listener may not be able to hear the specific differences between presets and a proper mix, what they will┬áhear is the overall better quality between the two. Meanwhile, the people booking you for gigs will absolutely hear the difference in the small details, and that’s where it counts!

Will this master be ready for (insert digital service here)?

Absolutely! All our masters are ready for iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, etc.